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🦃 What to say at Thanksgiving

PLUS: Have fun staying poor...?

GM everyone. This is 2036. We scroll for gems all day so you don’t have to.

Here’s what we’re serving up today 🍲: it’s that time of the year again. Your parents, uncles, and your smart cousin Larry are all sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table… asking you about crypto. What do you say?

Let’s dig in.

Kings and queens - today is the day we face the real world.

Parents, aunts, uncles, and siblings - all eager to know what exactly you’re up to (or maybe why that NFT you made them buy is worth exactly nothing).

So today we’re going to be that friend who’d tell you what to wear on your first date.

Except we’ll equip you to handle the real world like a crypto badass 👑

So, as you prepare for dinner, here are some of the questions you’re likely to get… and how to answer them:

1/ They say: “I still don’t know what Bitcoin is”… 🧠

You say: The bitcoin blockchain is just an accounting ledger that keeps track of who owns how much bitcoin.

It’s a piece of software that anyone can download, which contains an updated copy of the ledger.

The total number of bitcoins is pre-programmed at 21 million. Unlike government-issued currency, no one can issue more to pay for stuff they can’t afford today.

So, although Satoshi Nakamoto intended to create electronic cash… he actually created digital gold.

Gold is what kings and queens used to want.

And Bitcoin at $10 Trillion market cap is a world government that constrains every state.

That makes it a hard form of money.

Except it’s better in every way:

And if you need an easy 2-minute refresher, make sure you read this.

2/ They say: “Your cousin Larry, who works on Wall Street, says it’s a scam and will never go back up! And he’s smart (unlike you).” 🏦

You say: Larry also nearly blew up the financial system in 2008. He and his colleagues have been fined over $200 BILLION in the last decade for consistently defrauding their customers.

On top of that, the track record of people who don’t understand technology, crapping on new technology - is 100%.

Larry doesn’t know sh*t.

The average hedge fund was up just 2.3% in Q2. Really worth their fees, these guys 👏

And Wall Street has been overweight bonds and underweight stocks during the worst bear market for bonds in history - while the NASDAQ is up +48% year to date.

The average Wall Street prediction for Coinbase stock ($COIN) is that it will be just 8% higher next year…

… six months before the bitcoin halving, and less than 50 days away from a Bitcoin ETF.


Bitcoin is already up +125% year to date.

So yes, let’s continue listening to cousin Larry. He’s real smart.

3/ They say: “I prefer to invest in AI!” 🤖

You say: the two are closely connected. AI will be the biggest user of crypto.

You can’t invest in most AI companies today because they’re private.

But you can invest in liquid tokens that use AI - some of which are up 50X in the last month alone (like $NOS).

4/ They say: “I’m happy to just own stocks and real estate!” 🏠

You say: have fun staying poor.

Just kidding.

Why wouldn’t you own the best-performing asset in 10 of the last 13 years?

Larry Fink - the literal king of finance - certainly believes it’s worth looking at.

Blackrock salespeople will spend the next couple of years convincing every one of their investors Bitcoin is the ultimate ESG asset.

So sure, you can ignore it for philosophical reasons if you so desire.

But this year, Solana alone is up more than the average 401K goes up its entire existence.

Fade it at your peril.

5/ They say: “Ok king… what am I supposed to buy?” 👑

You say: You can do the smart thing and just buy a portfolio of 50% BTC, 50% ETH.

If you want to stay in your brokerage account, you can buy Canadian BTC/ETH ETFs.

You can also buy Coinbase stock ($COIN) and bitcoin mining stocks (like $RIOT or Cleanspark $CLSK).

And if you want to go on-chain, the easiest is just to buy BTC/ETH on Coinbase and store it in a Coinbase vault.

6/ They say: “Na, I prefer to own Cardano and XRP! Banks are coming, it’s the future!” 🔮

You say: Boomer.

These are narratives from 2017 that never came to fruition.

If you don’t want to hold long-term positions (ETH/BTC), you need to stay on top of the new narratives and learn to rotate.

The current narratives are in the Solana ecosystem ($BONK, etc.), gaming ($ILV, $PRIME, etc.), and now $BLAST.


You say: I’m out.

You take profits and go on vacation until the next cycle.

Stay strong today, friends.

And Happy Thanksgiving 🦃