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👀 The next WIF?

PLUS: the memecoin index

GM everyone. This is 2036.

This week was mostly quiet except for the Fantasy Top rage, but a number of things caught my eye in the last 24 hours.

Here’s the TLDR.

1/ The next WIF? 🐶

Even though Bitcoin is largely flat, some memecoins are flying. Smaller Solana memecoins, in particular, are doing really well.

Two of those are POPCAT and MICHI.

Now, I’m not a fan of buying too many random memecoins. But after the success of WIF, I’ve been looking for the next Solana memecoin that will be a runner-up to WIF (which I believe will be the category leader this cycle).

Many people feel like they missed WIF, which is up +10% on the day.

But POPCAT and MICHI popped +30% and +143% today and have substantially lower market caps.

MICHI, in particular, keeps making higher highs and higher lows.

So, for all my fellow gamblers out there:

  • if you already own the category winner (WIF)

  • but are looking for higher-risk plays (with also much more downside)

…I wouldn’t overlook POPCAT and MICHI.

Disclosure: super high-risk, non-consensus bet. You could lose it all.

2/ Pantera buys (a lot of) TON 🐈‍⬛

I’ve talked about Pantera Capital and its founder Dan Morehead many times before. They are OGs in the crypto space, and created the first bitcoin fund.

This week, they made their biggest investment ever — in the cryptocurrency TON.

TON is a blockchain created by Telegram — the fastest-growing messaging app in the world with 930 million daily users.

Pantera is bullish on:

  • Telgram’s values of freedom from interference and privacy

  • Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov, the Russian version of a fitter, better-looking Mark Zuckerberg (seriously, the guy looks like a billionaire fitness model)

  • Telegram’s insane reach and growth (they’re adding 2.5 million users PER DAY without any marketing).

Instead of creating a blockchain and finding users, Telegram is adding a blockchain to its existing ∼1 billion users.

TON is already the 8th largest cryptocurrency by market cap (sandwiched between XRP and Dogecoin), but if Pantera is correct, it could become much, much bigger.

3/ On-chain games are getting much better 👾

I’m a sucker for pixelated crypto games. They remind me of my childhood more than I want to.

And there’s a whole new slew of pixelated crypto games that:

  • are really good

  • will remind you of the good old days

  • will show you what fully on-chain games look like

No, they’re not going to be as fast as Fortnite.

But they’ll give you a touch of that je-ne-sais-quoi that you sometimes crave.

If you’re curious to check some of them out, here are the ones I’m paying attention to:

Some of these have tokens; others will soon… 👀

2/ A follow-up on Wednesday’s post on Fantasy Top… how influencers are dumping on you

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