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  • 👀 Bitcoin ETF results are (almost) in...

👀 Bitcoin ETF results are (almost) in...

PLUS: a playbook for DeFi on Bitcoin

GM everyone. This is 2036. We scroll for gems all day so you don’t have to.

Today is Favorite Friday, where we serve up the resources we most enjoyed this week 🍲.

So if you're looking for content to dig into this weekend, this is your list...

Now that the Bitcoin ETF is live, is it better to own:

  • The Bitcoin ETF

  • Miners

  • Microstrategy stock

  • or Coinbase stock….?

Hal Press of North Rock Digital gives his views here.

Hal has a strong track record in crypto, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

There’s one theme we can align with Hal Press on: his thesis for Stacks.

We first mentioned Stacks ($STX) on October 18. Since then, the token is up +260%.

If you got in, congrats.

If you’re wondering whether $STX is still a good buy and what 2024 has in store for the Bitcoin Layer 2 - read this.


Most of the action this week was centered around the Bitcoin ETF.

There are rumors the flows are, for now, underwhelming, but we should have more clarity in the next week.

Vanguard has reported they won’t allow their customers to purchase the ETF because it doesn’t align with their philosophies.

If you’re stuck in Vanguard and can’t buy the ETFs, switch to Fidelity.

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