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👀 Let me show you something...

PLUS: Singapore's whale

GM everyone. This is 2036.

Today, I want to do something a little different: I want to take you back in time.

It’s early 2021.

The bitcoin halving happened 8 months ago.

After dropping -50% in a day during COVID, bitcoin finishes 2020 up +160%.

Bitcoin is trading at ∼$30,000; ETH— $1,000.

We’ve reclaimed the previous all-time high, and everyone is happy.

Now - lots of people think they’re late to the game. After all, crypto has already pumped massively.

But here’s what happens next:

  • Over the span of 5 months, ETH goes up another 5X.

  • AXS (Axie Infinity) borrows a page from ETH’s book - but in 5 months, it instead pumps 50X.

  • BNB - already a $6 billion-dollar top coin at this point - jumps 8X in just 20 days.

  • SHIB - the memecoin that spent months ranging sideways - skyrockets 10X in 25 days.

You get the idea.

Pancakeswap, an exchange, pumps 70X in 4 months. And lots of smaller coins like TEL or GALA pump 300-500X in a matter of months….

… not to forget DOGE, the father of all memes - which surges 10X in ONE DAY.

Ok - so what’s the takeaway?

A parabolic push comes at the end of each cycle —and that’s where most of the gains come from.

But here’s the catch: we don’t know in advance when that moment will come.

All we can reasonably guesstimate is that, for now - we should be somewhere here:

Crypto’s been mainly going sideways for nearly 2 months.

It’s in the boring zone.

This is an easy time to ignore it, give up or think you’ll “invest later” to catch the bull market.

But the parabolic push higher is coming.

If you’re not prepared and fully allocated, it will throw you off guard. You’ll be FOMO-ing and taking too much risk too late.

Before you realize it, you’ll have either roundtripped your gains or missed them altogether.

So don’t let the boredom of markets push you into complacency.

If you do, you might just miss the best part.

DISCLAIMER: None of this is financial advice. This newsletter is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. Please be careful and do your own research.