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👀 How low can Bitcoin go?

PLUS: If you're feeling emotional...

GM everyone. This is 2036. We scroll for gems all day so you don’t have to.

Today is Favorite Friday, where we serve up the resources we most enjoyed this week 🍲.

So if you're looking for content to dig into this weekend, this is your list...

King Arthur is back at it again.

One of the most hailed crypto traders out there, Arthur lays out his short-term thesis for crypto and why he recently sold.

Arthur thinks Bitcoin will bottom at $30-$35K. And when it does, it’ll be time to load up on $SOL.

It’s rare to come across somebody who nails the course of the entire cycle.

So far, Nestay has done a great job. He called the top ($49,000) one year in advance. And now he thinks we’ll hit $32K-$35K in the next three months before the halving.

You can read his full analysis here.

All eyes are on the upcoming Ether ETF in May.

But will it actually get approved?

Blackrock is behind it, and a handful of factors could make it inevitable - just not in May.

Here’s an excellent breakdown of the whole topic.

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