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PLUS: Bitcoin breaks $45,000

GM everyone. This is 2036. We scroll for gems all day so you don’t have to.

Here’s what we’re serving up today 🍲: Happy New Year! 🍾 2024 has a lot in store for us. The biggest day in crypto’s history is just a week away. Here’s what to expect this year.

Let’s dig in.

1/ Crypto works in 4-year cycles 🎢

Every four years, the amount of new bitcoin issued is cut in half. That event is called the halving and will take place in April 2024.

Every halving in Bitcoin’s 15-year history has been:

  • marked by a clear bottom (November 2022, after FTX’s collapse)

  • preceded by a rally (Bitcoin rallied +154% in 2023)

  • followed by a huge bull market (yet to come)

This means we expect Bitcoin to reach a new all-time price high this year.

But wait - it gets better.

There’s another catalyst for bitcoin outside the halving…

2/ The biggest day in crypto’s history is (max) 8 days away 🏦

On January 10, the SEC is expected to approve several Bitcoin ETFs in the United States.

If approved, it will be the most important day in crypto’s history. Bitcoin is the best-performing asset in the world, and most institutional investors cannot currently access it for compliance and security reasons.

A bitcoin ETF will change that.  

Bitcoin is digital gold - and look what happened to gold after it got its ETF:

The sales teams at Blackrock and Fidelity are preparing to sell Bitcoin as the new ESG-friendly asset to all their clients.

We expect the event to be a “buy-the-news” event because tens of billions of dollars of capital are sitting on the sidelines, just waiting for the ETF to be approved to buy Bitcoin.

There are rumors that the ETF could be approved as soon as today or tomorrow. We’re all on our toes 👀

That’s likely why Bitcoin crossed $45,000 today. Investors still have a chance to front-run the institutions.

But Bitcoin won’t be the only crypto to benefit from this…

3/ Every crypto cycle is roughly the same: Bitcoin rallies first, altcoins second 📈

If you think you missed the boat - you’re wrong.

  • we’re still early in the cycle, and

  • most of the gains are yet to come

Solana had a fantastic 2023 (and if you read 2036, you bought a bag at $16).

But most coins outside of Bitcoin haven’t rallied that much yet (even Bitcoin is still -34% away from its all-time high).

This includes Ethereum.

But Ethereum is about to undergo a major upgrade, making it cheaper and faster. And after the Bitcoin ETF approval, all eyes will be on an Ether ETF.

So we expect Ether’s luck to turn in 2024. And when it does, many other cryptos will rip much, much higher.

Tomorrow, we’ll show you how to position yourself for that.

Sure - you could buy some ETH, but there are ways to squeeze more juice out of this trade.

So keep your eyes on your inbox.

2024 is off to a great start already, and we’re excited to help you make the most of the bull market 🥂.

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