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👀 3 things you can't miss this week

PLUS: memecoins looking attractive

GM everyone. This is 2036.

1/ Memecoins look more attractive than ever 🐶

Q1 2024 was a euphoric quarter for memecoins. They were by far the best-performing crypto category.

Since then, many have pulled back 40-60%. That means if you believe the memecoin narrative will continue in this cycle, these coins are now on sale.

Right now, the crowd is saying it's over for memecoins. But as I've said before, when people say ‘its over’ you can easily interpret it as ‘the bad times are over’.

WIF, in particular, is looking good. If you never got an initial position, buying now is a great second chance.

2/ Betting on the crypto’s biggest trend 📈

There are crypto trends we’re all waiting for:

  • the day a very high-quality game comes out

  • the true integration of crypto and AI

And then, there are trends that are already here but are boring - like stablecoins.

Stablecoins are indisputably crypto’s biggest success outside of Bitcoin.

They kept growing in volume even in the bear market:

So how do you bet on the continued rise in stablecoins, given that they’re pegged to (mostly) the dollar?

  • directly: through $MKR, the issuer of stablecoin DAI

  • indirectly: through ETH, SOL, TRX & TON because they’re the main settlement layers for stablecoins; through Coinbase stock (COIN) because they issue USDC.

None of these ways are perfect. But if you were looking to get into stablecoins, you could start there.

3/ We’ve (probably) entered macro summer ☀️

This is when growth assets - like crypto - typically do extraordinarily well.

In the last 3 macro summers, Bitcoin did:

  • 2012/2013: +146x

  • 2016/2017: +30x

  • 2020/2021: +8x

Macroeconomic cycles (spring, summer, etc.) are mostly driven by a 4-year liquidity cycle that increases or reduces economic activity (expressed in the form of the ISM Manufacturing Index).

This cycle, by the way, happens to coincide almost perfectly with the bitcoin halving.

A coincidence? Who knows.

You can see that the ISM has largely bottomed, and if the last twenty years are any guide, is about to see a major uptick again - which is good for risk assets like crypto:

Of course, remember that macroeconomics is largely astrology for nerds 🔮: although some people get it right sometimes, it’s hard to get it right consistently for long periods of time.

With that said, at some point, crypto will enter a parabolic move upward, and this current pullback could be one of the last before the usual big move:

Altcoins are looking attractive, and if we do get a big rally, you don’t want to be on the sidelines.

That is probably why over half of the US top hedge funds disclosed they own Bitcoin…

‘no’ is not an answer…🤣

DISCLAIMER: None of this is financial advice. This newsletter is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. Please be careful and do your own research.